The Laka Lady comes in myriad forms. She is both big + small, thin + voluptuous, sexy + prude, conservative + liberal, spirited + sometimes blocked, dramatic + calm, happy + sad, athletic + sedentary at times, and everything in between. But there is a spark in the Laka Lady to hold her own version of self-care as paramount. Beyond the physical, but in her own way of defining spirituality + nutrition + meditation. There are no rules within Laka Living except doing everything with authenticity that is nothing short of flammable. She energizes herself through dance, movement, and plant medicine and absolutely knows real from fake. We are on the search for the Laka Lady in various forms and their inidvidual 10 Laws of Living....

We had the pleasure of being on shoot with Salt + Sea Kauai and saw what photoshoots really look like from start to finish. Lots of beauty, lots of hustling, lots of laughing. Maile Taylor is a Kauai-grown rockstar who has brought a new kind of bikini culture to the South Side of the island. She carries both local + top-name bikini designers and is committed to creating something rooted in culture and class. Her shop is located inside Warehouse 3590 right in Lawai. She is definitely taking form as a regal retailer with a side effect of business right here on Kauai. We love you Maile! 

1. Appreciate what I have... I always try to come from a place of gratitude.  I have so much to be thankful for and remembering it really puts things into perspective when I need it. 

2. Remember to love myself first....  In order for me to come to the table whole, I must first make sure Iʻm showing myself the love I desire from others.  Sometimes, when Iʻm feeling insecure about something,  I will sing love songs to myself, works every time! 

3. Let go of the need to be in control.... This is a tough one for me, but the moment I begin to thinking about letting go of control, I can always feel my solders relax a little and my forehead begin to unfurrow.  Thereʻs just things you canʻt control and you are way better off if you donʻt let it effect you.  "If you donʻt give a shit, then it doesnʻt matter!" 

4. Have an open mind and humility... Just because I have an opinion, doesnʻt mean Iʻm right.  We hold opinions based on our own experience and those opinion hold value to each of us.  However,  itʻs been scenically proven that we will seek information to support our own opinions and subconsciously reject information that doesnʻt support our belief system.  I always try to remember this and keep an open mind to other peoples opinions and realities.  

5. Leave my Ego at the door... The older I get the easier it has been to let it go.  I donʻt care as much now what other people think or the need to be right.  I find the more I let go of ego, the more the feeling of contentment is present. 

6. Focus on whatʻs in front of me... This is super important with my kids.  As a single mom, entrepreneur itʻs hard to set everything down and focus on whats in front of me, but thereʻs nothing more important to them.  When Iʻm with the kids, itʻs all about them.  They donʻt give a shit that my vendors shipment is late or I have a NET 30 payment coming up, or a movie producer wants me add four more extras to the shoot tomorrow.   They just want Mom.

7.  Let go of the past and donʻt worry about the future... "If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, youʻre shitting on today!"  I often will breath in the moment, remember to let go of the past and not to worry about will be. 

8. Staying connected to my "Why"...  My "why" governs just about everything, weather I realize it or not.  Knowing my why, using it for good, and really connecting to what is important to me is key for staying clear and focused. 

9. Take time to take care of me... I try to be open to what my body, heart, spirit is telling me I need and really take time to make sure I make time to take care of myself.   "If mama aint ok, no one is ok."

10. Exercise my creativity... Creativity is literally magic!  It a channel to the unknown, itʻs a means of release, it grows the maker in me, it keeps me connected to magic, itʻs part of who I am and I love keeping a close relationship with it; fostering it and nurturing it.  

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